2016_05_12_Global Unity Forum and Ansor Declaration

Nahdlatul Ulama Youth Movement Hosts Global Unity Forum, Urges Reform of Classical Islamic Law

JAKARTA, INDONESIA: On May 12, 2016, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish leaders gathered to attend a Global Unity Forum co-sponsored by the world’s largest Muslim youth organization, Gerakan Pemuda Ansor, and Bayt ar-Rahmah. At the Forum’s conclusion, GP Ansor issued a 3-page declaration that includes “The GP Ansor Call… for an end to conflict in the name of religion, and for qualified ulama (Muslim religious scholars) to carefully examine and address those elements of fiqh (classical Islamic law) that encourage segregation, discrimination and/or violence towards those perceived to be ‘non-Muslim.’”

The day-long event featured expert presentations and detailed discussion of the historic relationship between Muslims, classical Islamic law and those who adhere to other faiths. Speakers included H. Yaqut C. Qoumas, Chairman of GP Ansor; KH. Yahya Cholil Staquf, General Secretary of the Nahdlatul Ulama Supreme Council; Abdul Aziz Wahid, Chairman of the Jakarta chapter of Ansor; Dr. Samuel Tadros, an Egyptian Copt and resident scholar at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom; Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon, Director of Chabad Hong Kong and China; and Virginia Gray Henry, Director of the inter-faith publishing house Fons Vitae. Read the entire communiqué…

2016_05_10_ISOMIL Nahdlatul Ulama Declaration

Nahdlatul Ulama Convenes International Summit of Moderate Islamic Leaders (ISOMIL) and Issues Historic Declaration

JAKARTA, INDONESIA: On May 9 and 10, 2016, approximately 400 traditional Muslim scholars from 30 nations gathered to attend an International Summit of Moderate Islamic Leaders sponsored by the world’s largest Muslim organization, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), and its affiliate Bayt ar-Rahmah. At the Summit’s conclusion, the NU Central Board promulgated a 16-point declaration that affirmed the mainstream nature of the NU’s understanding and practice of traditional Sunni Islam; identified the salient factors driving Islamist extremism and terror worldwide; and committed the NU to develop a global alliance capable of addressing the twin threats of Sunni and Shi’ite extremism.

The event featured expert presentations and detailed discussion of the relationship between Islam and nationalism; the unchecked spread of religious extremism, terror, armed conflict in the Middle East and a rising tide of Islamophobia in the West; the role of certain Middle East governments in fostering the spread of sectarian hatred; and the need for an honest appraisal of, and response to, Islamist extremism and terror. Read the entire communiqué…