International Religious Summit Rejects the Evils of Holocaust Denial and Affirms Religious Tolerance as “A Blessing for All Creation”

Final Conference Communiqué

Religion, the art of peace, speaks to the peoples of the world of compassion, justice and mutual understanding. A blessing for all creation, religion is a constant reminder to humanity of the divine spark in every person. Yet today the world shudders as horrific acts are perpetrated in the name of religion. All too often, hatred and violence replace peace as religion is manipulated for political purposes.

Leaders of the world’s religions have a special obligation to refute such claims, and to mobilize their communities to not only respect, but also defend the rights of others to live and worship differently. We, the undersigned, gathered here today in Bali, Indonesia, take a stand against wanton violence, and urge other religious leaders to follow our example in respect to our diversity and our commitment to end the violence.

Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia
June 12, 2007